(24.02.-26.02) EDI Director and Senior Researcher Modris Greitans participated in the conference “Innovation – power of the 21st century” organized by University of Latvia and Latvian Academy of Science with the support from the Ministry of Education and Science and Ministry of Economics. The patron of the event is the President of Latvia (1999-2007) Vaira Vike-Freiberga.

The aim of the conference is to maximize research synergies through international and joint research activities and international interinstitutional projects. The stated goal is also in line with the task outlined in the Parliament foreign policy debate – to improve a comprehensive political and economic cooperation in the Baltic and Nordic region.

During the conference, agreement on cooperation “Riga Declaration” was signed. The declaration provides the basis for the cooperation of science academies of the region and the leading universities in the pursuit of scientific projects, as well as the creation of a unified scientific innovation platform for the Baltic Sea region. The declaration provides for cooperation on the so-called “principle 3S”: environmental sustainability through circular economic methods; public health through life sciences, biotechnology and medical research; increased economic potential and increased overall security through cooperation with the Baltic Sea countries in the field of logistics and exchange.

More about the event: http://www.lza.lv/conference/