The Electronics and Computer Science Institute (hereinafter – EDI) has launched the Digital Accelerator of Latvia (hereinafter – DAoL) project on 1 November 2022, which aims to promote digital transformation and innovation, improve the competitiveness of Latvian companies and the quality of public services through new digital solutions, as well as to promote investment in ICT research and development.

DAoL is planned as a one-stop shop to help companies become more competitive in terms of digitisation processes, products or services.  In addition, DAoL will also provide access to the latest digital skills and support product innovation.

To achieve the project’s objectives within 36 months, 20 partners from Latvia are involved in the project, which will provide access to the latest technologies and support entrepreneurship and innovation.  The project has a total budget of € 3 531 999,37. The consortium consists of 4 partners with Digital Innovation Centre (DIC) experience, 3 leading and 3 regional universities from Latvia, innovative non-governmental organisations with long experience in providing support in the fields of high technology, green technology, regional and technological development.

DAoL will specialise in the following areas:

– Artificial Intelligence, specialising in research and development of new digital products and services;

– 5G, including Internet of Things (IoT) applications, Internet of Energy, connectivity technologies, autonomous vehicles, and robots;

– GovTech, including government as a platform, cybersecurity, quantum technologies and EdTech.

The project will test digital maturity and produce digital transformation roadmaps for at least 1236 organisations, provide access to testing, prototyping and experimentation for at least 128 organisations, involve at least 360 organisations in training, raise funding for at least 46 organisations, and conclude at least 40 cooperation agreements. Egils Berins, the leader of  EDI part of the DAoL project, says: “In today’s digital age, it is especially important for companies to implement new digital solutions as quickly as possible, as this allows them to increase competitiveness, generate more revenue, create new products and services or transform existing ones, improve product and service quality, increase employee productivity, reduce costs, optimise processes, improve security, etc. I believe that the DAoL project is an excellent tool for companies to quickly and easily implement various new digital solutions in their core business, thus contributing not only to their own development, but to the development of the Latvian economy as a whole. “Within the framework of this project, EDI will provide consultancy to companies to create a transformation roadmap and company development strategy, will be involved in the creation and delivery of lecture courses, will help companies to seek funding for digital transformation, will participate in networking activities and ecosystem building, will conduct research for new product development, provide access to research infrastructure, as well as advise companies on technology development issues. More information about the DAoL project is available by contacting Egils Berins (+371 67558238)