Edi participated in the associations VEFRESH event “Urban Mobility: current issues and funding opportunities” Panel discussion and seminar on 24 April, 14:00 – 17:30 at Riga Startup House, Lastādijas street 12-k-3, Riga.

The panel discussion “Urban Mobility in Latvia and in the World: current issues in the field” from 14:30 – 15:30 was attended by Dr Kaspars Ozols, Senior Researcher and Deputy Director for Development at the Electronics and Computer Science Institute (hereinafter – EDI), moderated by Viesturs Celmiņš VEFRESH, participeited also by Annija Tropa RVPPAD, Valts Marga Bolt, Raitis Stūrmanis Latvijas pasts and Alīna Safranova RTU VASSI

In the panel discussion, Dr Kaspars Ozols, EDI Lead Researcher, Deputy Director for Development, discussed the challenges and potential of self-driving cars to enter Latvian municipalities and cities in order to improve urban mobility in the short/long term.

Following the discussion, participants were informed about the requirements, deadlines and other practical information of the latest EIT UM Innovation Call, which would allow interested parties to potentially apply to the call to address challenges such as urban logistics, public transport, electrification of transport and alternative fuels.

During the resulting workshop, the event participants, working in groups, identified challenges in the field of urban logistics and public transport in Latvia and brainstormed together on ways in which these challenges could be addressed, including through the EIT UM Innovation Call project call.