The Workshop on Microwave Theory and Technology in Wireless Communication (MTTW’23) is another continuation of a long tradition of holding communication workshops and conferences at the Riga Technical University. This year the Workshop take place on October 4–6 and is one of the fundamental activities of ICT fest and the annual celebration of the IEEE Day in Baltic states. The Workshop has traditionally been a place of scientific acquaintance and fertile soil for many scientific, academic, and industrial projects nurtured in the fields of the Workshop.

At this workshop EDI researcher Didzis Lapsa presented the article “Wireless Induction Charging Station for Industrial Applications”, which was developed as part of the project “Intelligent Motion Control Platform for Smart Mechatronic Systems (I-MECH)”. The article focuses on explaining the wireless charging base station, with ability to charge the load (sensor node) at a distance of up to 10 cm, providing sufficient charging power for the target.

Didzis Lapsa
Didzis Lapsa presents the article “Wireless Induction Charging Station for Industrial Applications”.

At MTTW’23 EDI scientific assistant Edgars Lielāmurs presented the poster titled “Object Detection on Automotive Time-of-Flight Data with Deep Spiking Neural Networks.” The results were developed using the resources of the “Automotive Intelligence for/at Connected Shared Mobility” (AI4CSM) project. In this project, EDI researches and develops a custom HW for AI-based near field, high resolution 360-degree perception system and develops AI algorithms for the detection and classification of different surrounding objects with high accuracy.