On the 26th august of 2021, EDI leading researcher Roberts Kadiķis, researcher Rihards Novickis and comercialization expert Kristina Oļševska participates in teaching seminar on “Technology advancement, their application in educational process and business” organized by Riga Stradins University and School of Business and Finance. Roberts gives a presentation on “Industry 4.0 – automatization in manufacturing”, where he brings light on the burning topics in machine learning and EDI experience in application of AI algorithms in actual automatization of manufacturing lines within international European research projects (VIZTA, AI4DI). Rihards Novickis gives a presentation on “Challenges and solutions in modern computing technologies”, where he introduces wider public to the ongoing challege of performance saturation and gives light on some of the solutions developed at EDI in international European research projects (3Ccar, COMP4DRONES, APPLAUSE). Also, Rihards introduces the current comercialization activities of EDI accelerators in SilHouse project. Krisina presents requirements for the next-generation recording, execution and analysis of workouts as well as 3D smart fabric developed at EDI and currently being comercialized under Scape-if project.