June 12 and 13, 2024, scientific assistants Maksis Celitāns and Edgars Lielāmurs of the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI) participated in the Horizon Europe Chips-JU Intelligent, Safe and secure connected Electrical Mobility solutions: Towards European Green Deal and Seamless Mobility (EcoMobility) project meeting in Modena, Italy. During the event, project partners presented work packages and supply chain strategies, discussed project implementation, networked, and made important decisions related to the project. The discussions included important decisions regarding the supply chain modules SC2 (Enhanced perception and localization) and SC3 (Intelligent connectivity) and their demonstrators. In the SC2 session the installation of radar sensors in vehicles, software availability, and the testing of newer, improved sensors were discussed. EDI’s progress in developing radar perception systems and the future use of algorithms for radar applications in perception and localization was explained. In the SC3 session, in preparation for the first periodic report meeting, partners’ contributions, including EDI’s environmental representation model, were discussed.