On June 14-17, EDI senior researcher Dr Rihards Novickis participates in the GoIT project partner face-to-face meeting in Seville, Spain.

During the event, the partners of the EDI-coordinated GoIT project met to discuss achieved progress and interactively work on such key open silicon hardware challenges as providing feedback and educating to policy makers, advancing ecosystem’s sustainability, developing license suitable for open-source silicon hardware, improving quality of open-source hardware designs, identifying key-standards that would benefit from open-source initiatives, designing open Process Development Kits and establishing open-source Root-of-Trust silicon components.

GoIT project strives to reach all relevant key players and stakeholders, to identify all possible obstacles to open-source hardware development, formulate solutions, and feedback inputs to those with the power of influence (policy makers, managers, etc.), therefore supporting them to coordinate the evolution of open-source in Europe.

More about the project:

  • https://wiki.goit-project.eu/
  • https://www.edi.lv/en/projects/go-it/