Director and senior researcher Modris Greitans, within the EDI-SS3 project and researcher Jānis Ārents and research assistant Oskars Vismanis within the Latvian-Lithuanian-Taiwanese Science Cooperation Support Fund project “Development of microrobot based on visual recognition and machine learning for manipulation of individual living cells” (RoVam) project visit the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST). M.Greitans gives a presentation on EDI research directions, activities and achievements, stimulating ideas for future collaboration. J.Ārents presented the research activities and projects carried out in the field of robotics at EDI.
The main objective of the RoVAM project is to develop a new type of autonomous and flexible microrobot for the manipulation of individual living cells. During the meeting, Oskars Vismanis presents the architecture of the system and discusses with the Taiwanese partners the functionality of the system modules, the current stage and the next steps. The event also includes a general discussion on the progress of the project and final activities.

During the tour, representatives from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) introduce EDI staff to the projects and laboratories of the university, including the Industry 4.0 Implementation Centre, mobile robotics and other research activities. Professor Po Ting Lin, for his part, gives EDI representatives an insight into the university’s activities, including current research activities.