Status: Ongoing
Timeframe: 01.01.2021 – 31.12.2023
Estimated costs: 191 309,02€
Coordinators: Modris Greitāns (LV), Vytautas Bučinskas (LT), Po Ting Lin (TW)
Countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Taiwan

Latvian–Lithuanian–Taiwanese scientific cooperation support fund’s project “Development of microrobot based on visual recognition and machine learning for manipulation of individual living cells” (RoVam) Nr. LV-LT-TW/2021/8

Objective and tasks:

The project theme corresponds to research area “Information and new production technology”. We are aiming to create new type autonomous flexible microrobot for the manipulation of individual living cells. The problems in micromanipulation systems are: they are usually not autonomous, and do not recognize the objects, therefore only highly skilled person can work with the system. Our system will solve these problems: it will be smart, autonomous, and will automatically process data obtained from measurements. It consists from three parts:
1) micro-positioning system, which allows to displace the manipulating tool in 3D space;
2) video recognition system for the micro-objects recognition;
3) machine learning system for the control.

Tasks to be performed by EDI:

1) Development and implementation of the recognition system, which will be able to: detect biological object contained in the small amount of the solution, determine object center co-ordinates and pick-up point by defining object boundaries and shape;
2) Implementation of a calibration technique for coordinate system alignment for imaging and mechanical manipulator systems.

Participating scientists

    Dr. sc. comp. Modris Greitāns
    Dr. sc. comp. Modris Greitāns

    Director of EDI, Senior Researcher

    +371 67554500
    Ph.D. Jānis Ārents


    +371 67558271

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