On December 13

The director of EDI visits the State Education Development Agency to sign two contracts of European Regional Development Fund projects elaboration in institute from January 1st 2014, till June 30th 2015:
  • Nr. 2013/0035/2DP/ „ Palm-data reading and processing system”;
  • Nr. 2013/0036/2DP/  „ Universal time occasion recorder for SLR, LiDAR and 3-D scan applications. (LaReg)

On December 13

Atis Elsts will defend his dissertation thesis “A Framework to Facilitate Wireless Sensor Network Development”. The event will take place on December 13, 2013. at 16:30. The location is Room 413., Raina blv. 29, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia. The thesis adviser is Leo Selavo. Considerable part of thesis has been developed at the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science.

On december 10-13

Signal processing laboratory researcher Rolands Savelis from December 10 to 13 is participating in the International Conference on Information, Communications and Signal Processing (ICICS) in Tainan, Taiwan. A paper “Extended Fourier series representation of signals with time-varying bandwidth” is presented.

On December 3-5

Signal processing laboratory assistant researcher Nikolajs Agafonovs participated in the “1st International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Modelling and Simulation (AIMS 2013)” held in Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) where in the session “Circuits, Sensors and Devices” presented the paper “IMilePost: Embedded Solution for Dangerous Road Situation Warnings” – joint work with Andrejs Skageris, Girts Strazdins and Artis Mednis.

On December 2

During the General Meeting of scientists of EDI a new Scientific Council of EDI is elected the members of which are Karlis Krumins (President of the Scientific Council), Modris Greitans, Uldis Grunde, Krisjanis Nesenbergs, Kaspars Ozols, Kaspars Sudars and Rolands Savelis.

On November 29

The director and senior researcher Modris Greitans will participate into Latvian Radio 1 discussion “The known into the unknown” about  e-health, its technological possibilities and prospects.

On November 26-28

Researcher Uldis Grunde,  scientific assistant Aivars Ševerdaks and engineer  Armands Mezeriņš participate in 21th Telecommunication Forum (TELFOR 2013) http://www.telfor.rs/?lang=en in Belgrade, Serbia. Four papers: ”Embedded Configurable Sensor Interface Devices for Seamless Data Acquistion”, “Vehicle detection using non-invasive magnetic wireless sensor network”,  “Web-Based Real-Time Data Acquisition System as Tool for Energy Efficiency Monitoring”, and  “Alias-free compressed signal digitizing and recording on the basis of Event Timer” are presented.

On November 25-26

Signal processing laboratory scientific assistant Kaspars Ozols from November 25 to 26 are participating in the international event “EIT ICT Labs Outreach Program” in Berlin, Germany. During the event new international contacts are established and EDI research results are disseminated. Also, three different startups – Startupbootcamp & Startup Gallery, Plug&Play Accelerator and Betahaus were visited.

On November 22

In November 22, 10th class students from Āgenskalna Valsts ģimnāzija were visiting the institute. During the visit actual research topics as well as the view into more than 50 years long history of the institute were presented. By motivating students to study engineering science, discussions included the potential of research as well as practical application examples of research.

On November 17-20

Signal processing laboratory researcher Rihards Fuksis from November 17 to 20 is participating in the Visual Communications and Image Processing Conference (VCIP 2013) in Malaysia, Kuching. A poster “A Bank of Fast Matched Filters by Decomposing the Filter Kernel” is presented.

On November 16-17

Roberts Kadikis and Yuri Klopovsky, representatives of the project „Multifunctional intelligent transportation system point technology” were participating in conference „2013 The 6th International Conference on Machine Vision (ICMV 2013)” held in London. Roberts presented the paper „Vehicle classification in video using virtual detection lines”, which is joint work with Karlis Freivalds. Yuri presented paper „License plate detection algorithm”, which is joint work with Michael Broitman and Normunds Silinskis.

On November 14

Due to promotion of learning process at Ventspils University and cooperation between research institutes and universities, Business Management course students got acquainted with the technology working group. Aim was the preparation of course papers and presentations on commercialization of specific technologies. Students were introduced to the project “Multifunctional intelligent transportation system point technology” supported by ERDF and State Research program project “Multi antenna UWB radar system” results and technical solutions.

On November 12-15;

Institute of Electronics and Computer Science researchers Leo Seļāvo, Atis Hermanis, Teodors Eglītis, and Uldis Grunde are participating in the 20th International Trade Fair for Innovative electronics productions, Messe München Productronica 2013 and are presenting R&D:
  • EdiMote: a tool for prototyping and profiling of network edembedded systems and sensor;
  • Mans OS: easy to use, portable and resource efficient operating system for networked embedded devices;
  • Multimodal palm biometric system: to create safe, comfortable and widely used person’s identification system based on human palm biometric features along with smart cards for biometric data to prevent card usage without its user;
  • Shape sensing fabric with bio-feedback and posture monitoring;
  • Shape sensing fabric applications in medicine.

On November 6-8

Employees of the Institute participated in an international conference and partner meeting event “ICT 2013 – Create, Connect, Grow” in Vilnius, Lithuania. In this event Institute was represented by leading researcher Modris Greitans and scientific assistant Kaspars Ozols from Digital signal processing laboratory, as well as researcher Krisjanis Nesenbergs from Cyber-physical systems laboratory. In the course of the event the Institute was promoted by presenting scientific achievements and scientific competences. New international cooperation partners were found with the goal of participating in European program Horizon 2020, as well as other project contests. In addition an interview was given to the Future Internet consortium FIRE, introducing the wireless sensor network testbed developed in the Institute (link to video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBidiIHl31A).

On October 31

On October 31 the doctoral thesis “Effective algorithms for optical image processing and their implementation in microelectronic systems for usage in biometrics” for the degree of Doctor of engineering sciences will be defended by Olegs Nikisins at 16:30 at the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science, 14 Dzerbenes street, auditorium 101B.On October 31 the doctoral thesis “Study of signal sampling and reconstruction methods” for the degree of Doctor of engineering sciences will be defended by Rolands Savelis at 17:45 at the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science, 14 Dzerbenes street, auditorium 101B.

On October 26

In October 26 a team consisting of 5 people represented EDI in Sigulda Mountain Marathon, distance of 14 km. All members of the team successfully overcame the high mountains while running through narrow and muddy forest trails, in spite of the rain and cold weather. In the competition Institute was represented by Juris Sinica-Sinavskis, Krisjanis Nesenbergs, Arturs Selivanovs, Kaspars Ozols and Roberts Kadikis.

On October 14

The 1. semester students of the Physics undergraduate program from the  Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Latvia are introduced to the Institute’s laboratories and scientific research in information, communications and signal processing technologies, intelligent integrated data collection, processing and transmission systems, and prospective studies in  cyber-physical systems and biomedical signal acquisition and processing.

On October 10-12

Krisjanis Nesenbergs, representative of “SmartWear” work group, which is working on smart clothing, participated in conference by European Association of Child Disability (EACD) in Newcastle in the time period from October 10 to October 12. In the poster session of this conference the latest prototype device of “SmartWear” system was presented, together with the first test results on the treatment of children suffering from cerebral palsy.

On October 9

Students from various Riga high schools are visiting the institute during “career week” event. During the visit actual research topics as well as the view into more than 50 years long history of the institute are presented. Discussions include practical application of research results as well as professional guidance for nascent university students.

On October 8

On 8th of October 2013 (2-5pm) a group of foreign experts visited the Institute to assess its research activities and potential. The research institutional visit was carried out by the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Panel as part of the Latvian Research Assessment Exercise. Among experts were:
  • Prof. Martin Berggren
Professor in Scientific Computing in the Department of Computing Science, Umeå University. He holds PhD degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics.  His areas of expertise are computational design optimization, numerical methods, etc.
  • Prof. Ron Perrott
Visiting professor at the Oxford e-Research Centre. His areas of expertise are software engineering, distributed and parallel systems and operating systems. He has authored/edited five books on these topics. His current research interests are based on parallel and distributed computing and cloud/grid computing.
  • Prof. Simon Deleonibus
Received his MSc in Physics and PhD degrees in Applied Physics from Paris University.  He is now Chief Scientist of LETI-Silicon Technologies. The objective of the evaluation was to obtain an assessment of the scientific and logistical capacity of the Latvian scientific institutions, an evaluation of their competitiveness in an international context, which will provide a basis for an objective assessment of the current Latvian science and innovation policy. The evaluation of the quality of the scientific activity of scientific institutions was conducted for the following purposes:
  1. to provide the Latvian public, policy-makers and decision-makers and academic community with the most objective picture possible of the excellence and competitiveness of Latvian science in comparison with the global practice in the respective area of science;
  2. to produce an analytical material, which would describe the scientific excellence and competitiveness of the Latvian science, its socioeconomic impact and capacity of its scientific institutions, and which would provide evidence for science policy making at different of levels;
  3. to enable the scientific institutions involved in the process to gain a significant impetus for improving their operations.
The institutional visit entailed:
  • Interviews / group discussion with senior institution/university staff, faculty staff and leaders. Attendees were M. Greitans, I. Mednieks, J. Buls, M. Broitmans, L. Selavo, I. Homjakovs.
  • A tour of the facilities
The experts visited some of the laboratories, where they could see the facilities and available technical equipment. Some research topics were presented to the experts and the achieved results were discussed.
  • Interviews with researchers of the research institution
The interview with PhD and PostDoc researchers were be led by the Panel Members. The researchers could share their insights about the current situation in academic field in Latvia, their motivation to pursue the chosen career path and future goals

On October 4-6

Signal processing laboratory software engineer Harijs Grinbergs participated in the “International Conference on Signal Processing and Imaging Engineering (ICSPIE 2013)” held in Hammamet (Tunisia) where  presented the paper “Real-time object tracking in 3D space using mobile platform with passive stereo vision system” – joint work with Artis Mednis and Modris Greitans.

On October 4-5

On 4th and 5th October in the hall of RTU main building an international invention exhibition MINOX 2013 took place. Among 65 participants Institute exhibited prototype of posture monitoring system – SmartWear. SmartWear is able to teach the user to hold posture in the right (as medically defined) condition, thus reducing the risk of scoliosis. SmartWear is a non-invasive system that is invisible under clothes and will not cause discomfort to the user. The unit is practically verified in strong collaboration with Latvian podiatrists and physiotherapists.

On September 20

Cyber-physical system laboratory scientific assistant Atis Elsts on 20th September is participating in the concluding conference “Smart Metering for Saving of Heat and Water Resources” of Latvian / Lithuanian joint research project “Smart Metering” with presentation “Wireless Sensor Networks in Institute of Electronics and Computer Science”. The listeners were informed about the wireless sensor network software and hardware technologies developed at the institute.

On September 16

The director of EDI visits the State Education Development Agency to sign two contracts of European Social Fund projects elaboration in institute from September 1st 2013, till August 31st 2015:
  • Nr. 2013/0008/1DP/  „Smart City Technologies for Human Lives Improvements”;
  • Nr. 2013/0009/1DP/ „Innovative technologies for acquisition and processing of biomedical images”.

On September 9-13

Signal processing laboratory senior researcher Modris Greitans and researchers Rihards Fuksis and Rolands Shavelis from September 9 to 13 are participating in the European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO-2013) organized by the European Association for Signal Processing in Marrakech, Morocco. Two papers “Extended Fourier Series for Time-Varying Filtering and Reconstruction From Level-Crossing Samples” and “FPGA Implementation of CMF for Embedded Palm Biometric System” are presented.

On September 8-11

Cyber-physical system laboratory scientific assistant Atis Elsts from 8th to 11th September is participating in the international scientific conference “International Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN’13)” in Krakow, Poland. This event takes place during the multiconference “Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS)”. The paper “Improving the Usability of  Wireless Sensor Network Operating Systems” is presented.

On September 5-6

Signal processing laboratory employee Teodors Eglitis is participating in the conference „2013 International Conference of the Biometrics Special Interest Group” – BIOSIG in Germany, Darmstadt. In the conference was presented poster named „FPGA based palm print and palm vein biometric system” which won the best poster award.

On September 4-6

Cyber-physical system laboratory scientific assistant Atis Elsts from 4th to 6th September is participating in the international scientific conference “39th Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA 2013)” in Santander, Spain. In Embedded Software Engineering paper “SEAL: A Domain-Specific Language for Novice Wireless Sensor Network Programmers” is presented.

On September 4-6

Signal processing laboratory scientific assistant Kaspars Ozols from September 4 to 4 is participating in the 8th International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA 2013) in Trieste, Italy. During the sessions paper “Amplitude Adaptive Asynchronous Sigma-Delta modulator” is presented.

On May 27-30

Time measurement laboratory assistant Juris Siņica- Siņavskis participated in conference „Mathematical Modelling and Analysis (MMA2013)” held in Tartu, Estonia where in the session „Stohastic, Analysis” presented the research „Analysis of Two Stage Bayes Classifiers Construction Method. 2-Dimensional Case” – joint work with prof. A.Lorencs.

On May 29

Accelerometer network for human posture monitoring – device developed in terms of  States Research program’s “Development of innovative multi-functional material, signal processing and information technologies for competitive and research intensive products” project Nr.2 “Innovative signal processing technologies for smart and effective electronic system development”, is demonstrated on exhibition – “Innovations in fashion and textile industry”, held by Baltic Fashion Federation  in Art Academy of Latvia (New exhibition hall), Kalpaka bulvāris 13, Rīga.

On May 23

The director of the Institute, leading researcher Dr.sc.comp. Modris Greitans with presentation on the Institute of electronics and computer sciences offer in signal and image processing algorithms development software implementation areas participates in the seminar “How to prepare a project in the program “Development program of new product and technologies of micro, small and medium enterprises”” organized by Latvian investment and development agency.

On April 29

Cyber-Physical Systems laboratory researcher Artis Mednis successfully defended his thesis “Recording and processing of vehicles motion parameters using distributed systems” in the open session of Computer Science Council of Promotion of University of Latvia and acquired doctoral degree in computer science (Dr.sc.comp.).

On April 26

First grade students from Garkalne elementary school are visiting the institute during their week of projects. During the visit actual research topics as well as the scope of more than 50 years long history of the institute are presented. After the visit to the laboratories, students draw their most vivid impressions about the research activities in the EDI .

On April 4-5

The researchers from the Digital signal processing laboratory Modris Greitans and Rihards Fuksis are participating in the International Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics „IWBF 2013” organised by COST Action 1106 in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. The researchers will present a paper „Palmprint Image Processing With Non Halo – Complex Matched Filters For Forensic Data Analysis” and M.Greitans will also participate in the COST program management meeting.

On April 4

Cyber-Physical Systems laboratory researcher Artis Mednis participated in the focus group dedicated to commercialization of scientific research results. Participants of the focus group represented 4 Latvian universities (UL, RTU, RSU and DU) as well as EDI, LIAA and Ministry of Economics.

On April 2-4

Representatives of Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI) attended seminar in Aalesund University College (AAUC), Norway. In this seminar representatives of both AAUC and EDI presented the results of their corresponding research activities, and also discussed the possibility of joint research projects. The seminar was concluded with signing of a contract of cooperation between EDI and AAUC.
Additionally, Offshore Simulation Centre AS (OSC) was wisited. OSC specializes in seamen training using realistic simulations. Some potential avenues of collaboration between OSC and EDI were also identified regarding possible improvements of simulation technology.

On March 16 – 17

During 16.-17. of march scientific assistant Atis Hermanis from discrete signal processing laboratory is participating in 2nd International Conference on Medical Information and Bioengineering in Bali, Indonesia, where he is giving a presentation “Wearable Posture Monitoring System with Biofeedback via Smartphone”.

On March 13 – 14

Signal processing laboratory scientific assistant Kaspars Ozols from Martch 13 to 14 are participating in the international event “ARTEMIS Spring Event 2013” in Brussels, Belgium. During the event new international contacts are established and EDI research results are disseminated.

On March 11 – 13

Institute of Electornics and Computer Science participates in Commercialization reactor (http://commercializationreactor.com/) with a goal to attract business people capable of commercializing technologies developed within the institute. Interests of the institute in this event are represented by director M. Greitāns. For commercialization we are offering two technologies developed inside institute:
  • Wearable sensor network for body shape recognition – represented by scientific assistants K. Nesenbergs and A. Hermanis;
  • Remote detection – parameter measurement of human breathing – represented by researcher V.Aristovs.

On March 7

The union “Commercialization Laboratory „CLab”” is being founded. The founders of the union are Institute of Electorincs and Computer Science and SIA „Virtual Ceo”. The goal of the union: to facilitate the development of high technologies in Latvia, provide Residents of Union various possible help and acceleration services to facilitate innovation commercialization process in high technologies and knowledge-intensive sectors.

On February 12 – 15

Cyber-physical laboratory staff members Atis Elsts, Jānis Judvaitis, and lead researcher Leo Selavo participate in the 10th European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks (EWSN 2013), which takes place at University of Ghent, Belgium. EWSN is a leading European conference on WSN topics, in which a visual sensor network programming tool SEAL-Blockly is presented.

On February 14

12th class students from Riga 93rd high school are visiting the institute during their week of projects. During the visit actual research topics as well as the view into more than 50 years long history of the institute are presented. Discussions include practical application of research results as well as professional guidance for nascent university students.