Meeting with ESA representatives in the framework of “ESA audit of institutional and industrial capabilities in Latvia” (Latvian Ministry of Education and Science, 22 March 2010)

From European Space Agency (ESA) the audit was provided by:

  • A. Fonseca, ESA, Department of International Relations;
  • B. Zufferey, ESA, Head of the PECS (Plan for European Cooperating States) Office;
  • P. Baptista, ESA, Head of the Office to support New Member States.

The audit took place in 22-25 March 2010. Among various Latvian research institutions and industrial companies, the EDI has reported about own capabilities for the space research in view of possible further participation in ESA programs. Specifically, this concerns the high-performance event timers for Satellite Laser Ranging which are being developed in Time Measurement Laboratory. The report reflected the background for such R&D activity, its state-of-the-art and ambitions related with onboard timer design (more). There are various reasons for believing that the report has been of interest for the auditors, and the EDI will be recognised as one of potential Latvian partners for ESA activities.