Zinātnieku nakts

As every year, the last Friday in September, 29 September, was the date of the European Researchers’ Night. More than 20 institutions from Latvia, including the EDI, took part.

This year, EDI organised more than ten activity points with even more interactive and educational demonstrations.

Visitors could learn how artificial intelligence works, drive in a self-driving car, become a data transmitter and play music, try what it would be like if the world was turned in reverse, explore plant cells, identify points on a map, see what we look like on camera and watch industrial robots at work.

In addition to the results created by the EDI projects, everyone could watch videos of the Institute’s achievements and history, take part in competitions and games, and the youngest visitors were invited to colour EDI objects and draw the Institute’s Director.

We are proud to have 500 visitors this year and hope that many of them will become scientists and colleagues in the future!

In the run-up to Researchers’ Night, the EDI was also visited by an LTV7 news programme, which produced a story on the demonstrations and activities we offer, which you can watch here (from minute 16).

See you next year!