Scape-if overview

The Institute of Electronics and Computer Sciences has developed a solution/technology SCAPE-IF –  “Sensory clothing platform for motion analysis”, which consists of

  • sensor nodes, which can be embedded in a wearable sensor clothing and allow the reconstruction of wearers relative body position;
  • elastic wire solution (patent pending), which can be embedded in a wearable sensor clothing and can provide sensor nodes with power and data transmission capabilities, while resistant to body deformations and washing of the clothing;
  • base station, which contains a battery and wireless connection to external devices such as a phone or personal computer and provides power to the sensor network, as well as gathers the sensor data for further transmission;
  • embedded algorithm for fast data acquisition that allows real-time data acquisition form the sensor network;
  • algorithm for body shape reconstruction from the sensor data as well as for sensor calibration;
  • algorithm for comparison of static body postures, which allows to check whether the person wearing the clothing correctly reproduces a specific previously defined posture;
  • algorithm for comparison of dynamic postures, which allows one person to record an activity, while the other person can try to duplicate it;
  • algorithm for placing the reconstructed avatar on the ground plane by determining which of the reconstructed body parts are most likely to touch the ground plane;
  • Unity application, which demonstrates the mentioned functionality and algorithms.

Interested parties can acquire or licence the SCAPE-IF tehcnologies in full or partially.

Currently, the Institute has issued one non-exclusive license to one company on the following conditions:
SCAPE-IF non-exclusive licence agreement example

and is ready to license certain parts of the technology to other companies on the same terms. If you are interested in the mentioned technology, please contact us by writing to

More information about SCAPE-IF technology is available here:

SCAPE-IF system working principles are shown in the image below:

The technology consists of know-how that allows reconstruction of human posture (motion capture) based on sensor data, acquired by sensors embedded in smart senor clothing. This information form the clothing is then gathered in one place at base station module, which then transmits this data wirelessly to an external device such as a mobile phone or personal computer, where an application can then visualize and analyze this data.

The system working pricniples are demonstrated in this video:

Main advantages of the system:

  1. Real time low energy motion data capture from the whole body
  2. Motion analysis and 360 degree visualization, including posture comparison between multiple people
  3. Minimized wireless interference as opposed to multiple wireless sensor nodes, due to reliable and privacy preserving wired connection (which also allows the use of a single battery for the whole sensior network)
  4. The technology is not tied to any specific location and does not depend on environment, lighting/visibility and there is no need for external beacons/cameras, thus the clothing can be used both indoors and outside
  5. All sensors are embedded in washable clothing, so it is not complicated putting on the whole apparel and the clothing is easily washable in washing machine (only base station must be disconnected).