The global computer vision market is developing rapidly. Machine understanding of the world enables businesses to design new and creative solutions for automation.

The Issue

However, most of the existing applications rely on CPU/GPU technologies and are not fast and energy-efficient enough to reap the full spectrum of technological benefits. Even more so, not every technology provider has the necessary skills to accelerate their solutions.

SilHouse solution

SilHouse can help to overcome your performance and skill gap. Our team has developed a unique acceleration technology for image processing to achieve next-generation high-performance computer vision for applications such as quality assurance, manufacturing, UAVs, medical imaging, robotics, and others.
It is accomplished by utilizing our library of image transformation and processing IP Cores utilizing MPSoC and FPGA technologies. The flexibility of FPGA technology joined with our expertise provides the opportunity to create ideal solutions suited for specific applications.
SilHouse is also a great solution if you already have your computer vision product but would like to advance it even further.

How does the system work?

During our research in computer vision, we have developed a collection of specialized components, e.g. lens distortion correction, perceptive transformation, feature extraction.
These components are made as building blocks with a common data exchange interface, allowing for easy interconnection between them.


We pick from our ready-made building blocks and (if needed) design the missing ones to create
an image processing pipeline for your specific task/use-case, therefore reducing the design time and costs.




We design an accelerator platform tailored for your current computer vision system with a suitable communication interface (PCIe, USB, Ethernet) for easy integration or we can design a new, standalone solution for your needs.




We deliver you the designed accelerator platform with the necessary software libraries
and documentation, which ensures straightforward and simple integration in your
existing image processing system.




Key features

Tailored processing pipeline for your application

Accelerated image processing for your computer vision solution

Lower power consumption with increased performance

Easy to implement/ works out of the box

Solution applications

Core benefits

  • Reduced time to market for your new or upgraded computer vision solution
  • Competitive advantage due to unique accelerated solution
  • No need for FPGA engineering staff
  • Scalability of the processing pipeline

Why us?

Our team has vast experience in cooperation with Industry through a multitude of European projects (AI4DI, APPLAUSE, COMP4DRONES, I-MECH, PRYSTINE, 3Ccar). Our expertise ranges from most demanding real-time control systems to the design of silicon intellectual property.

We have expertise in:

  • RTL design workflow using HDLs,
  • Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) development workflow, computer vision (and specifically image processing) algorithms,
  • Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms and their acceleration,
  • Linux system and kernel development and PCB design.