To test precise time measuring instruments it is necessary to have adequate test generators. In collaboration with Eventech Ltd the special pulse generator with extremely high stability and wide frequency range was developed. This Event Timer Test Generator (ETTG) is implemented in two modifications: supporting NIM signal output (ETTG-100-NIM) and supporting LVTTL signal output (ETTG-100-TTL). The leading edges width is about 0.5 ns.

ETTG period standard deviation in the range up to 25000 ns is smaller than 1 ps (RMS). For wider ranges the reference signal can be connected.

ETTG provides two output signals: STOP signal and START signal. An external control allows to set: the period of STOP signal from 20 ns up to 2.6 ms with a step equal to one internal clock period (10.0 ns); period of START signal from 40 ns up to 171.8 s with a step equal to preset STOP pulse period; special time interval generation mode when for each START pulse are generated one or several STOP pulses; internal clock period adjusting in ± 40 ppm limits if the external reference is not connected. Four such settings are saved in the internal memory for stand-alone working when corresponding setting is activated by switch CTRL.