Mg. sc. Comp. Gatis Gaigals

+371 67558115

Gatis Gaigals is a researcher at the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI) since 2018. He graduated Riga Technical University (Riga, Latvia) as a radio engineer and Ventspils University College, where he obtained a master’s degree in computer science.
Has been involved in projects related to real-time signal processing and radio astronomy data processing, development of management and control systems, development of data transmission and radiolink modules, real-time multi-channel data processing. Competence in simulation, modeling, testing and validation of ICT systems in LabVIEW and Matlab; knowledge of specialized EDA software: CADSTAR, KiCAD, ISIS/ARES, CST Studio, QUCS; C, C#, Perl, Python, SQL, VHDL programming skills, as well as skills in algorithm development for GPU; CPU/uC programming skills in low level languages on Arduino, Linux, Windows and VxWorks platforms.
Scientific interest in real-time multichannel data capture and processing. Author and co-author of more than 10 scientific articles.

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