Mg. sc. comp., Mg.phys. Kirils Solovjovs

Mg. sc. comp., Mg.phys. Kirils Solovjovs

Research assistant

Mg. sc. comp., Mg.phys. Kirils Solovjovs is IT policy activist, bug bounty hunter, and the most visible white-hat hacker in Latvia having discovered and responsibly disclosed or reported multiple security vulnerabilities in information systems of both national and international significance. He has vast experience in network flow analysis, reverse engineering, social engineering and security incident investigation. Kirils has three higher education degrees with distinction, including  a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Latvia where he specialized in computer networks and project management. Kirils’ professional competence is complemented by helping out NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence with the “Crossed Swords” red team exercise.

He has acquired deep understanding of all levels of the OSI/ISO model, routing, defensive and offensive technology, database systems and computer engineering (DSP, including ADC). While working for various non-governmental organizations he was responsible for international collaboration and project management.

Kirils Solovjovs is also founder of CERT’s Security experts group in Latvia and has developed the jailbreak tool for Mikrotik RouterOS.

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