LCS Fundamental and applied research project programme grant No.  lzp-2020/1-0395
“Automated wireless security analysis of wearable devices” (WearSec)

Project goal:

The project addresses the emerging and novel direction of research towards security analysis and automated vulnerability assessment of wearable devices.

The main research goal of the project is to develop methodology and tools for automated (both passive and active) wireless risk auditing of wearable devices. We believe, that the resulting solution will need to include hardware for signal isolation, capture and injection, and supporting software and machine learning methods for automated threat detection and analysis.

Task of EDI in the project:

To develop and set up an appropriate sensing solution capable of providing reliable data from and injecting needed data back into wireless wearable devices for analysis done by partners and also to assist with general signal processing and machine learning capabilities applied to security analysis for other objectives.

Project partners:

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia, including CERT.LV (Leading partner)

Institute of Electronics and Computer Science


Participating scientists

    Kirils Solovjovs
    Mg. sc. comp., Mg.phys. Kirils Solovjovs

    Research assistant

    Mg. sc. comp Krišjānis Nesenbergs


    +371 67558268, Mob. +371 29512306
    Mg. sc. comp. Rihards Balašs


    +371 67558154

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