Mg. sc. ing. Romāns Maļiks

Research assistant
+371 67558172

Romans Maliks has been working for the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science since 2016. In 2018 he graduated from Riga Technical university (Riga, Latvia) and received a Master of Engineering degree in Electronics while studying at faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications. During one semester he was involved in the Erasmus+ programme and was studying at Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden). For last one and a half years he has been working on integrated circuit (IC) design using CMOS and SiGe technology. He has attended training courses and exhibitions that are related to IC design. He has experience with ARM microcontroller’s programming (STM32, STM8), has worked on embedded systems and drones. His main fields of interests include: Deep Machine Learning, Artificial neural networks, microcontroller programming, UAVs (drones), Internet of Things, IC design (using CMOS and BiCMOS technology).

Participation in projects