European Regional Development Fund Operational Programme “Growth and Employment”. 1.2.1. specific support goal “To increase Investments of Private Sector in R&D” ; measure “Support for Improvement of Technology Transfer System”
Project “Contacless ice thickness measurement device” (EDI-ICE) Nr. KC-PI-2020/40

Agreement with Investment and Development Agency about participating in Technology Transfer measure Nr. KC-L-2017/14

Project goal –  Commercialize non-contact ice thickness measurement technology.

Project tasks (broken down into two activities):

  • Technology research and development activities:
    • Perform (two stage) testing in real conditions during the time when water bodies are covered in natural ice.
    • Improve the measurement device by improving both the circuitry and the programming, as well as its ergonomics.
    • Develop a specialized application for the user, that would ensure maximum efficiency of the equipment application and return on investment.
    • Verify the compliance of device with the EMI norms.
  • Commercialization activities:
    • Prepare and promote commercialization offers.
    • Participate in trade fairs and exhibitions / virtual expos.
    • Prepare license / sales agreement and negotiations, FTO search.

Demo site:

Reference to the first phase of the project:

Total financing of project: up to 250696.21 EUR, included ERDF financing up to 225626.59 EUR.


Participating scientists

    Mg. sc. ing. Gatis Šūpols


    +371 67558128
    Mg. sc. ing. Romāns Maļiks


    +371 67558172