On November 8, 2023, Senior Researcher Dr. Kārlis Freivalds and Programming Engineer Katrīna Viltrake of the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science were participating in the Horizon Europe KDT-JU “Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing leading to Sustainability and Industry5.0” (AIMS5.0) project work package WP5 meeting in Drachten, the Netherlands.

It was a great pleasure to meet the AIMS5.0 partners implementing work package 5 “Use cases for AI in Production for OEM and Tier1 stakeholders” and to discuss how to use AI as an integrated approach for various disciplines and domains in the production.

Kārlis Freivalds, Katrīna Viltrake from EDI together with Christos Chronis from Harokopio University of Athens presented the work done at UC6 “Reconfigurable AI-based automated conveyer feeding by a robotic system” where the goal is to develop an AI-based robotic system for conveyer feeding, integrated and validated for organic cosmetics products. This use case is run by EDI and HUA and shall lead to increased productivity, efficiency, and product quality. Using AI-enhanced robotic lines instead of manual work will ensure a sustainable high throughput 24/7 operation not disrupted by human factors such as illness, tiredness or lack of attention after long working hours. Besides, cost savings can be reallocated and rather invested in work that is more meaningful and produces higher business- and social value.

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