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Project goal and tasks

AIMS5.0 aims to create European digital sovereignty in sustainable manufacturing by deploying AI tools and techniques across the entire industrial value chain, further increasing overall manufacturing efficiency while driving sustainable development. The project will thus provide technological advances that are applicable and demonstrated in a variety of sectors ranging from simple manufacturing or batch/continuous processing to advanced and sophisticated manufacturing in processing industries. Through this approach, AIMS5.0 aims to create human-like perception and decision-making capabilities to improve the quality and reliability of industrial process automation, increasing efficiency while ensuring sustainability. AIMS5.0 will enable the transition to Industry5.0 in several industrial application domains.

Tasks to be performed by EDI

EDI contribution in short: The goal is to develop a modular and reconfigurable AI-based robotic system to automate the conveyer feeding processes of different (size, weight, and type), randomly distributed bottles with a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency with which the system and its components can be transferred to other operational or usage environments, thus enhancing circular reuse of the parts and replacing manual human work in the production process. Deep Learning-based perception system that provides the robots with the perceiving, comprehending, and reasoning abilities, that includes sensory data processing, representation, and interpretation. Complemented with an adaptive planning and acting system that allows to anticipate events and prepare for them in advance, therefore coping with unforeseen situations.


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Participating scientists

    Dr. sc. comp. Kārlis Freivalds
    Dr. sc. comp. Kārlis Freivalds

    Senior Researcher