This three-day event is dedicated to integrating and demonstrating the essential technologies of AI and cyber architecture, their application in enhancing production efficiency, and their use in innovative use cases in the Arrowhead fPVN and AIMS 5.0 projects. We gained valuable knowledge about the project as a whole and ideas about the use of the latest technologies, as well as how these technologies can help promote production efficiency and economic growth.

Kārlis Freivalds presented the work done at UC6, “Reconfigurable AI-based automated conveyer feeding by a robotic system.” The goal is to develop an AI-based robotic system for placing components on a conveyor belt in the cosmetic product manufacturing process. During the event, Laura Leja got acquainted with the WP8 partners. She clarified the further activities in EDI within the framework of this work package, which will ensure the dissemination of information, knowledge, research results, and ideas, to ensure wider involvement of partners and presentation of results.

The event took place in the north of Sweden, and we had the opportunity to take an organized walk along the frozen Lulealven River, where we could observe the northern lights.

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