European regional development fund

Name of the Project: Experimental development of Multi-functional Time Analyser

Project number: 2DP/

Project Research Manager: Eugene Boole

The general aim of the project is to create a knowledge-based concept for development and production of an innovative, competitive on the world market, Multi-functional Time Analyser.

The specific aim of the project is to experimentally develop the methods and technical means for radical improvement of the Analyser performance characteristics to significantly widen the spectrum of its applications.

The project research conforms to the foreground direction of scientific research in Latvia, namely “Innovative material and technologies” and, in particular, to the sub-direction “Information and signal processing technologies”.

It is planned to experimentally develop and explore the methods for:

–       Converting analog signals into event streams

–       High-precision presentation of event streams by digital data

–       Digital processing of event streams.

It is also planned to experimentally develop, test and evaluate experimental Analyser prototype.

Project results will help in involving the existing (or to be started) Latvian small and medium enterprises into development and production of new ICT products that have high added value and export potential. In this sense, the project will positively precondition the growth of the Latvian industry.

The project site is Institute of Electronics and Computer Science. The researches that are covered by the project have noticeably synergy effect with the project Nr.2009/0219/1DP/ “Research and development centre for smart sensors and embedded systems”.

The project duration is 36 months from 01.01.2011 up to 31.12.2013.

The project planned eligible costs are 270 682 LVL, including 250 380 LVL from ERAF.