A.S.Rybakov. Reconstruction of the Corrective Component of the Transfer Function of the Interpolator in the process of Calibration of the Precision Event Timer. Automatic Control and Computer Sciences, 2010, Vol. 44, No. 1, pp. 11–21.
The peculiarities of the interpolation method based on digital signal processing are considered. It is shown that the transfer function of the interpolator may be represented by the composition
of two functional components. A nonstatistical method of reconstruction of the form of the corrective component of the transfer function based on processing of the scatter diagram of the ordered pairs of the experimental and predicted data is investigated. It is shown that such pairs may be obtained in the process of periodic event flow timing with estimations of the time positions of the signal and the predetermined instants of the event occurrence being elements of the ordered pairs. The efficiency of the reconstruction method is illustrated by the experimental results.