European Regional Development Fund Operational Programme “Growth and Employment”. 1.2.1. specific support goal “To increase Investments of Private Sector in R&D” ; measure “Support for Improvement of Technology Transfer System” Project “Industrial inertial wireless sensor”  Nr. KC-PI-2020/58

Agreement with Investment and Development Agency about participating in Technology Transfer measure Nr. KC-L-2017/14


Industrial inertial wireless sensor (IIWS) performs measurements of movements of a mechatronic machine. It’s architecture is shown in 2. Figure. Movement measurements allow to register information about changes in the position of the machine, making it possible to assess the absolute position, vibration or other physical changes of the equipment after performing the data processing.

The proposed technology, in the context of mechatronics and robotics, addresses a number of industrial production challenges. By evolution of Industry 4.0 concept, where various mechatronic and robotic hardware is supplemented with different sensors to enhance the efficiency of performance and production, industry starts to require industries need new and reliable sensors. Moreover, since many of these mechatronic and robotic systems have moving and rotating components, when installing sensors on these, there is no option to install wiring harnesses, to ensure power supplying and communication capabilities, therefore industry starts to see demand rising for sensors, which have power supply and radio communication module installed in themselves.

The main aim is to advance this technology to TRL7 level – proving that our technology is reliable enough and can be used for industrial robotics and mechatronics industry.


Total financing of project: up to 27 777.00 EUR, included ERDF financing up to 25 000.00 EUR.