State Research Programme “Covid-19 mitigation” project COV-CLEAN
No. VPP-COVID-2020/1-004

“Integration of reliable technologies for protection against Covid-19 in healthcare
and high-risk areas”

About the project:
This project solves call 6.7 of the National Research Program “Covid-19 Mitigation”. implement research, develop and develop solutions:
6.7. on optimal methods for the rapid detection of the spread of infections, individual and collective remedies and technologies for the effective destruction of the virus indoors and in the environment, providing specific scientific evidence-based recommendations for optimal individual and collective remedies against infection and in the workplace and public transport, including , their testing and certification.

Project goal:
The project will develop and improve technologies for collective and individual protection and disinfection products, as well as evaluate the possibilities for the exhibition and implementation of new rapid disinfection methods. Within the framework of the project, leading Latvian scientists and engineers from 9 leading universities and scientific institutes will develop advanced solutions for mitigating the effects of COVID-19, which can be used in healthcare and other high-risk areas, such as public transport. The overall goal of the project is to improve the sustainability and quality of services in healthcare areas during COVID-19 and other communicable diseases by improving and developing reliable technologies and concepts. The results of the project will facilitate the well-being of health professionals, public services and society as a whole by reducing workload, health risks, work-related stress and service delivery time. Prototypes of the developed technologies will be demonstrated in at least one of the Latvian hospitals.

EDI tasks in the project:
Developing a machine vision solution for an autonomous platform for optimal and efficient disinfection of premises, which would take into account the purposeful use of disinfectant on tangible objects and surfaces. The platform will be integrated in cooperation with RTU. This activity takes place within the WP3, the leading partner of which is RTA. In the second task, EDI in cooperation with RSU within thr WP2, will develop a machine vision solution that would improve the hand washing process and give feedback results in promoting better COVID-19 and other disease prevention.

Project partners:
Rīgas Tehniskā Universitāte (Lead Partner)
Latvijas Universitāte
Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte
Elektronikas un datorzinātņu institūts
Latvijas Organiskās sintēzes institūts
Latvijas Valsts koksnes ķīmijas institūts
Rēzeknes Tehnoloģiju akadēmija
Latvijas Biomedicīnas pētījumu un studiju centrs
Latvijas Universitātes Cietvielu fizikas institūts