Description of the project goal and tasks

The idea of the project COACCEL is to develop a new method and a measurement system for assessing the quality and/or deterioration of the joints of building structures. The method is based on two basic approaches:
1) mathematical analysis of the correlations of coaxial vibrations of the joined structural elements in six degrees of freedom (three of them are linear accelerations and other three ones are angular accelerations) using 3-D accelerometers and 3-D gyroscopes and
2) analysis of the natural frequencies of mechanical oscillations of the constituent elements. The project is a synergy of the branches of construction engineering, electronics, sensors and signal processing. Therefore, to realize the project, the interaction between the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Riga Technical University and the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science is foreseen.

Description of the tasks to be performed by EDI in the project

1) Joint development of a method for assessing the quality of structural joints using coaxial acceleration in 6-D correlation space;
2) Development of an experimental hardware and software complex for data acquisition and transmission;
3) Design and manufacture of electronic circuits for the experimental complex;
4) System testing and optimization.

Participating scientists

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    Aleksejs Tatarinovs