European Regional Development Fund Operational Programme “Growth and Employment”. 1.2.1. specific support goal “To increase Investments of Private Sector in R&D” ; measure “Support for Improvement of Technology Transfer System” Project “Silicon IP Design House”  Nr. KC-PI-2020/12

Agreement with Investment and Development Agency about participating in Technology Transfer measure Nr. KC-L-2017/14


Many modern applications such as autonomous driving, cooperative industrial robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles have challenging requirements concerning the responsiveness and power consumption. This IP core addresses this by migrating frequently applied image processing tasks from software to the silicon hardware, essentially offloading processors, improving responsiveness and reducing power consumption.

Virtually every image processing task starts with correction procedure for distortions which are introduced by lenses, then images are often used for fusion or reconstruction purposes, which means that they must be aligned with the virtual coordinate system or with other sensors. This is achieved by performing image transformation. These are the exact tasks performed by the EDI lens distortion correction and general image transformation IP core and an example of its performance is shown below:

Total financing of project: up to 27 777.00 EUR, included ERDF financing up to 25 000.00 EUR.

In the period from 01.07.2020. until 30.09.2020. the team was working on the preparation, finalization, formatting and translation of the Feasibility Study. An action plan for commercialization activities was also developed, a project budget was drawn up and cash flow was planned for the project implementation period. Different commercialization models were also analyzed, and their economic rationale assessed.

In-depth market research, collection of feedback from potential users and communication with potential licensees of project results were carried out. Different types of intellectual property protection were also considered and a strategy for their implementation was outlined.

All deliverables planned in the project and their translations have been submitted within the deadline set by LIAA.

Participating scientists

    Dr. sc. ing. Roberts Kadiķis
    Dr. sc. ing. Roberts Kadiķis

    Senior Researcher

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