Operational Programme ”Growth and Employment” Specific Support Objective 1.1.1.  “To increase the research and innovation capacity of scientific institutions of Latvia and the ability to attract external financing, investing in human resources and infrastructure” the Activity  “The Second Round of Project Application for Support for International Cooperation Projects in Research and Innovation”

Support for International Cooperation Projects in Research and Innovation in EDI (Project acronym – EDI SS3)

Agreement with Central Finance and Contracting Agency of the Republic of Latvia (CFLA) No.

Project manager: Inga Veisa, e-mail: inga.veisa@edi.lv, phone: +371 67558251

The overall objective of the project is to encourage the development of bilateral and multilateral cooperation projects within the European Research Area, participation in international research, networking and twinning activities and infrastructures of the Strategic Forum of the European Research Infrastructures, which meet the goals of the Activity “The Second Round of Project Application for Support for International Cooperation Projects in Research and Innovation”.

Specific objective is to increase the scientific capacity of the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI) by promoting the development of new international research project applications and facilitating participation in Joint Technology Initiatives with the aim of developing long-term international partnerships with the leading research institutes in Europe and the industry leaders.

EDI has a long-standing, successful experience in international cooperation, including coordination and implementation of various EU Horizon 2020 programme joint research projects.  The previous gained successful experience will be used in this project “Support for International Cooperation Projects in Research and Innovation in EDI” by implementing the following project activities:

1) There will be submitted 17 project applications reached above the thresholds in different EU research and innovation programs – Horizon 2020, the 9th Framework Program, Research Mobility and other international research and innovation support programs;

2) Participation in 28 EU research and innovation support, networking, training and research mobility events;

3) Participation in 20 international scientific conferences;

4) There will be organized a high-level international conference in Riga in the fields of smart ICT and electronics.

The target group of the project is EDI scientific staff, especially doctoral and master students.

Place of project implementation – premises of the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI), 14 Dzerbenes, Riga.

Project duration: January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2022.

Total project funding: 219 866,67 EUR, of which ERDF funding is 186 886,67 EUR and state budget co-financing – 32 980,00 EUR.

Since the start of the project until April 1, 2019 EDI has achieved excellent results and implemented majority part of the defined goals within the project:

1) EDI has submitted 17 Horizon 2020, ECSEL, etc. research project applications, which have reached above the thresholds, of which 11 project proposals have received EC funding and currently are being implemented,  and 6 project applications have received the points above the requested threshold, but due to insufficient EU funding are not being financed.

2) 19 EDI researchers and project managers have participated into different 10 H2020, ECSEL and other R&D programmes Info days, matchmaking events, networking, partner search events, etc. in order to find new project partners from the research community and industry and to submit the common project proposals under upcoming H2020, ECSEL ICT, Electronics, Safety, Defence Calls.

3) 8 EDI researchers have attended 7 different international scientific conferences, where majority of them presented their publications to the auditorium.

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