The development and management efficiency improvement of Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI-APE)

Project number:2015/0019/2DP/

Responsible for project implementation:Ieva Tentere

The general objective of the project is the implementation of tasks referred to Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (hereinafter – EDI and / or the Institute) Action Plan. It sets out to achieve  the development of institutional outstandingness, capacity and improvement of efficiency of management and implementation of recommendations of the international review. The project proposal has been prepared taken into account the informative report “About the Development progress of implementation of the action plan of Research, Technological Development and Innovation guidelines 2014- 2020 implementation, which includes Smart specialization strategies action plan and outcome indicator system description.”

Project provides five activities:

  • Creation of EDI development strategy.
  • Developement of Resource management system.
  • Implementation of Results management system.
  • Development of purposeful cooperation between EDI and other scientific institutions and universities.

  • Development of the project socio-economic justification

Place of project implementation – Institute of Electronics and Computer Science

Project implementation period: 10 months from 01.03.2015. to 31.12.2015.
The total funding for the project: 219 609 EUR

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