Oskars Teikmanis, Aleksandrs Levinskis, Andris Ivars Mackus, Artis Rušiņš, Amr Elkenawy, Marta Tropa, Modris Greitans. Automated Vehicle Platform with Connected Driving Capabilities. 2023 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), IEEE, 2023.

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Abstract: Augmenting automated vehicles to wirelessly detect and respond to external events before they are detectable by onboard sensors is crucial for developing context-aware driving strategies. To this end, we present an automated vehicle platform, designed with connectivity, ease of use and modularity in mind, both in hardware and software. It is based on the Kia Soul EV with a modified version of the Open-Source Car Control (OSCC) drive-by-wire module, uses the open-source Robot Operating System (ROS and ROS 2) in its software architecture, and provides a straightforward solution for transitioning from simulations to real-world tests. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the platform through a synchronised driving test, where sensor data is exchanged wirelessly, and a model-predictive controller is used to actuate the automated vehicle.

Full text: Automated_vehicle_platform_with_connected_driving_capabilities

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