Druml, N., Debaillie, B., Anghel, A., Ristea, N. C. (2020). Programmable Systems for Intelligence in Automobiles (PRYSTINE): Technical Progress after Year 2, 2020 23rd Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD). doi: 10.1109/DSD51259.2020.00065

All authors:

Norbert Druml, Björn Debaillie, Andrei Anghel, Nicolae-Catalin Ristea, Jonas Fuchs, Anand Dubey, Torsten Reißland, Maike Hartstern, Viktor Rack, Anna Ryabokon, Kaspars Ozols, Rihards Novickis, Aleksandrs Levinskis, Omar Veledar, Georg Macher, Johannes Jany-Luig, Selim Solmaz, Jakob Reckenzaun, Naveen Mohan, Shai Ophir, Georg Stettinger, Sergio Diaz, Mauricio Marcano, Jorge Villagra, Andrea Castellano, Rutger Beekelaar, Fabio Tango, Jarno Vanne, Kalle Holma, Oğuz İçoğlu, George Dimitrakopoulos.


Autonomous driving has the potential to disruptively change the automotive industry as we know it today. For this, fail-operational behavior is essential in the sense, plan, and act stages of the automation chain in order to handle safety-critical situations by its own, which currently is not reached with state-of-the-art approaches.The European ECSEL research project PRYSTINE realizes Fail-operational Urban Surround perceptION (FUSION) based on robust Radar and LiDAR sensor fusion and control functions in order to enable safe automated driving in urban and rural environments. This paper showcases some of the key results (e.g., novel Radar sensors, innovative embedded control and E/E architectures, pioneering sensor fusion approaches, AI controlled vehicle demonstrators) achieved until year 2.