Oskars Vismanis, Janis Arents, Karlis Freivalds, Vaibhav Ahluwalia and Kaspars Ozols.. Robotic System for Post Office Package Handling. Applied Sciences, 11(13), 7643 pp. MDPI, 2023.

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Abstract: Parcel sorting is becoming a significant challenge for delivery distribution centers and is mostly automated by using high-throughput sorting machinery, but manual work is still used to feed these machines by placing the parcels on the conveyor belt. In this paper, an AI-based robotic solution that automates the parcel placement task was developed. The architecture of the proposed system along with methods on how to implement it are described by using the currently available hardware and software components. The described choices lead to a well-functioning system and the gained insights will facilitate building similar systems for parcel delivery automation.

URL: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3417/13/13/7643

Quartile: Q1

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