R. Shavelis, M. Greitans „Signal Sampling According to Time-Varying Bandwidth”, Proc. of the 20th European Signal Processing Conference EUSIPCO 2012, Bucharest, Romania, Aug., 2012., pp. 1164-1168.

The paper addresses the problem of signal-dependent sam-pling of analogue signals according to local bandwidth. An extended sampling theorem is given which states that sig-nals can be sampled non-uniformly and then perfectly recon-structed if spectrum obtained by an extended Fourier trans-form (EFT) is bandlimited. Since, according to the theorem, the sampling instants are determined by the function used in EFT, the aim is to find such function which reflects the time-varying spectral content of the signal. This, in comparison to uniform sampling, allows reducing the number of samples
required to represent the signal. The results have been demon-strated by numerical simulations on two signals.