Ormanis, J., Elsts, A. (2020). Towards Body Coupled Communication for eHealth: Experimental Study of Human Body Frequency Response Institute of Electronics and Computer Science. IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops. doi: 10.1109/ICCWorkshops49005.2020.9145205


The Internet of Things promises to enable numerous future applications spanning many domains, including health care. Currently, most health care devices communicate either by using wires or by using a Radio Frequency technology such as Bluetooth or WiFi. In this paper, we describe an alternative communication method: Body Coupled Communication, where the signal is transmitted using an electrical field that propagates through the human body. We perform experimental measurements using a wrist-to-wrist setup to determine the human body frequency response in the 10 kHz to 30 MHz frequency range and find that the 3.25 MHz frequency has the lowest attenuation in this range. We also show that the frequency response patterns remain the same when a number of common chemical substances are applied between the electrode and the skin, and that electrically conductive substances such as sweat enhance the received signal strength.