A. Ancans, M. Greitans, R. Cacurs, B. Banga, A. Rozentals. Wearable Sensor Clothing for Body Movement Measurement during Physical Activities in Healthcare. Sensors, 21(6), 2068 pp. 2021.

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Abstract: This paper presents a wearable wireless system for measuring human body activities, consisting of small inertial sensor nodes and the main hub for data transmission via Bluetooth for further analysis. Unlike optical and ultrasonic technologies, the proposed solution has no movement restrictions, such as the requirement to stay in the line of sight, and it provides information on the dynamics of the human body’s poses regardless of its location. The problem of the correct placement of sensors on the body is considered, a simplified architecture of the wearable clothing is described, an experimental set-up is developed and tests are performed. The system has been tested by performing several physical exercises and comparing the performance with the commercially available BTS Bioengineering SMART DX motion capture system. The results show that our solution is more suitable for complex exercises as the system based on digital cameras tends to lose some markers. The proposed wearable sensor clothing can be used as a multi-purpose data acquisition device for application-specific data analysis, thus providing an automated tool for scientists and doctors to measure patient’s body movements.

URL: https://doi.org/10.3390/s21062068

Full text: sensors-21-02068

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