Dr. sc. comp. Kārlis Freivalds

Dr. sc. comp. Kārlis Freivalds

Senior Researcher

Dr. Kārlis Freivalds is a senior researcher at the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science. He has graduated from the University of Latvia (Riga, Latvia) where he obtained a doctoral degree in computer science. Kārlis is the author of 30+ scientific publications and 7 patent applications. He has been involved in various scientific and industrial projects in the areas of computer vision, artificial intelligence, graph algorithms, bioinformatics and quantum computing, where he has led research work as well as software development and deployment in production. The main areas of research are artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics and machine learning, with a recent focus on deep neural networks, where he has developed several new neural network architectures for fast sequence processing, algorithmic tasks and NP-hard problem solving. He is also an assistant professor at the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Latvia, where he teaches programming of image processing and computer vision algorithms.

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Related publications:

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Related patents:

EP3136607A1 K.Freivalds, J.Vīksna, M.Grasmanis, E.Celms “A method and system for encoding and decoding of suffix tree and searching within encoded suffix tree”, 2015.

US8542234B2. Brendan Madden, Karlis Freivalds, Francois Bertault, Uli Foessmeier, “SYSTEM FOR ARRANGING A PLURALITY OF RELATIONAL NODES INTO GRAPHICAL LAYOUT FORM”, 24.09.2013.

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