Dr. sc. comp. Modris Greitāns

Dr. sc. comp. Modris Greitāns

Director of EDI, Senior Researcher
+371 67554500

Dr.sc.comp. Modris Greitāns has been working at EDI since 1990. Director of the Institute since 2007 (2015-2019 – Scientific Director). Doctor degree obtained in 2000 by defending PhD thesis “Reconstruction of non-uniformly sampled signals “. In 2012, elected as corresponding and, in 2018, as a full member of Latvian Academy of Science (LAS).

Research topics include signal and image processing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, smart transport, future and personalized medicine (intelligent wearable sensor systems), digitalization of Industry4.0 etc.

2014-2017 he led the National Research Program in ICT “Cyberphysical Systems, Ontologies and Biophotonics for Safe & Intelligent city ​​and society” (SOPHIS), which has an important section devoted to smart embedded cooperative systems for innovative technological development. Since 1992 experience in managing and implementation of more than 20 international and more than 20 Latvian research projects, including ongoing Horizon2020 projects 5G-Route (dedicated to validate through robust evidence the latest 5G features of Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) under realistic conditions), ENACT (dedicated to reliable and trustable operations and developments on next generation IoT), AI4DI (dedicated to use of artificial intelligence in digital industry) as well as LV-LT-TW project “RoVAM” (dedicated to smart micro-robots systems for manipulating with separate cells).

The total number of published works is more than 120, incl. 77 publications in the SCOPUS database (H-index 10); 3 registered European patents and 5 Latvian patents. Supervisor of five defended PhD and 25 master’s thesis.

Eizens Arins Award (“Eižena Ārina balva” – the most prestigious award in the Latvian information technology field, which highlights the most outstanding professionals who have made a significant theoretical contribution in computer science and practical investment by developing and implementing innovative IT solutions) in 2018;

Top Latvian science achievements, Diploma of the President of the Latvian Academy of Sciences for “An original approach for transforming the architecture of artificial neural network into Field-programmable gate array” (co-author), 2018.

Top Latvian science achievements, Diploma of the President of the Latvian Academy of Sciences for “First trips of a self-driving car in Latvian history” (co-author), 2017;

European IT Prize winner “DASP-lab system” (co-author), 1997.

Editor-in-chief of Journal “Automatic Control and Computer science”, Foreign Secretary and Board member of Latvian Academy of Science, Board member of Association of State Research Institutes, Member of the EDI Scientific Council, Latvian representative in Governing Board of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking, Member of the RTU Council of Promotion in Electronics and Telecommunications.

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