Justs, D., Novickis, R., Ozols, K., Greitāns M. (2020). Bird’s-eye view image acquisition from simulated scenes using geometric inverse perspective mapping. 17th Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference (BEC2020), Tallinn, Estonia.

Technology advancement, major investments and mainstream interest have reignited the prospect of autonomous driving, nevertheless, the achievement of reliable perception is still an active research topic. This article examines a technique for simplifying path planning and control algorithms by reducing spacial dimensions to two, i.e. by acquiring a Bird’s-Eye View (BEV) image. This article aspires to facilitate novel perception fusion approaches by specifying a geometric approach for inverse perspective mapping (IPM), construction of composite BEV of the vehicle, giving suggestions for implementation and proposing coherent, BEV-based approach for perception fusion. The proposed geometric IPM approach for BEV image acquisition is suited for simulated environments with limited knowledge of the camera’s intrinsic parameters.