Project goal – develop prototype set of tools that provide enhanced electromagnetic protection and cybersecurity.

Interdisciplinary partner consortium:

  • Riga Technical University Institute of Polymer Materials (RTU IPM)
    • development and investigation of advanced polymeric composite materials, as well as to prepare tailored carbon nanoparticles.
  • Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI)
    • material EMI shielding validation (Radar team)
    • demonstrator integration and data security/destruction (Cyber-physical systems team)
  • University of Latvia Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science (UL IMCS)
    • machine learning analysis systems for radio environment monitoring, preparation of data and models for detecting and classification of radio emitters.


  1. To demonstrate Key Enabling Technologies (KET) leading to innovative electromagnetic protection (EMI shields) materials, containing nanocarbon (carbon nanotubes, graphene), in the relevant environments (TRL4)
  2. to develop a prototype set of tools that provide enhanced electromagnetic protection and cybersecurity in the field by researching and developing innovative lightweight and field-deployable shielding solutions in tandem with AI-based monitoring solutions for electromagnetic and cyber domains for enhanced data security

Specific objectives:

[O1] Setting up specific innovative manufacturing technologies for producing carbon material components and assembly into complex EMI shielding plate (sandwich) (WP2)

[O2] Measuring, modeling, and optimizing EMI shielding efficiency, lightness, flexibility, and mechanical stability of EMI shields for structural and functional indoor and outdoor electronic warfare and military infrastructure cyber security applications (WP3)

[O3] Advancing artificial intelligence/machine learning solutions for radio environment monitoring with the goal of detecting and classifying stationary and mobile radio emitters in the vicinity of the sensor, combined with the active defense of sensitive devices and their data by developing practical solutions for the rapid destruction of data drives and flash memory (WP4)

[O4] Communicating, disseminating, and training on the new KET manufacturing methodologies, high performance EMI shield product prototypes and AI-based monitoring and rapid data destruction (WP5)

Planned results.

This will result in a cybersecurity prototype solution for an innovative data protection toolset in the field (Integrated and validated by EDI), consisting of 2 integrated demonstrators for the military and public sector:

  1. a lightweight EMI shielding technology demonstrator (Headed by RTU) using optimal structures and EMI protection measurement methodology (Developed by EDI);
  2. a data protection technology demonstrator (Headed by EDI) that demonstrates the ease of use in the field.

Participating scientists

    Mg. sc. ing. Eduards Lobanovs
    Mg. sc. ing. Eduards Lobanovs

    Research assistant

    371 67558197