Framework of key enabling technologies for safe and autonomous drones’ applications” (COMP4DRONES).

Period: 2019. September – 2022. August
Budget: ~29,76M EUR
Coordinator: Rodrigo Castiñeira, INDRA SISTEMAS SA
Partner count: 49
Involved countries: Spain, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands

The aim of the COMP4DRONES project is to provide a framework of key enabling technologies for safe and autonomous drones. In particular, COMP4DRONES will leverage composability and modularity for customizable and trusted autonomous drones for civilian services. The approach is to enable the drone industry to design and develop an embedded platform based on reusable qualified components. The project will mainly focus on the following objectives:
– Ease the integration and customization of embedded drone systems.
– Enable drones to take safe autonomous decisions.
– Ensure the deployment of trusted communications.
– Minimize the design and verification effort for complex drone applications.

During the course of the project, EDI will develop a modular, highly adaptable and power efficient embedded platform for sensor data acquisition, fusion and processing in drones. Platform will be based on the state-of-art heterogeneous SoC technology and will support different computational paradigms. Heterogeneity will be utilized by developing an intercommunication framework, together with a methodology for algorithm partitioning across different architectures.

ECS Brokerage Event 2019 – 15-16/01/2019

Participating scientists

    Andis Bizuns

    Research assistant

    +371 67558289
    Mg. sc. ing. Maksis Celitāns

    Research assistant

    +371 67558124
    Dr. sc. ing. Rihards Novickis

    Senior Researcher

    +371 67558288
    Dr. sc. ing. Roberts Kadiķis

    Senior Researcher

    +371 67558134

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