European Space Agency project  “Sentinel for confidence in outdated maps: SentiMap”


Contract No. 4000139312/22/NL/SC/rp

Scientific manager: Ints Mednieks

Project objective: to build a technology prototype for detection of outdated areas in aerial images and land cover maps using Sentinel satellite imagery or any other up-to-date imagery

We will develop two prototype workflows (software) for identifying outdated areas in VHR aerial imagery and land cover maps (our aim is to detect change confidence, not specific land cover class changes).

Both workflows will produce a raster map layer with the same spatial resolution as the up-to-date Sentinel or VHR aerial dataset showing algorithmic confidence that information corresponding to the specific pixel is outdated.






Participating scientists

    Mg. math. Juris Breidaks


    [protected] Juris Siņica-Siņavskis


    +371 67558192
    Mg. math. Mārtiņš Puķītis

    Research Assistant

    +371 67558-278
    Dr. sc. comp. Ints Mednieks

    Senior Researcher

    +371 67558112