DIH-World – Accelerating deployment and matureness of DIHs for the benefit of Digitisation of European SMEs

Grant Agreement No. 952176

About project:

DIH-World aims to accelerate the uptake of advanced digital technologies by European manufacturing SMEs in all sectors and support them in building sustainable competitive advantages and reaching global markets strengthening the capacities of regional DIHs, particularly in underepresented regions across Europe. As intermediaries of successful local SME digital transformation, DIH World, aims at providing DIHs, access to harmonised tools, well proven technologies, effective methodologies, sound knowledge, smart investment sources, rich training assets and overall a vibrant innovation environment. The final aim is to accelerate the matureness of DIHs and the development of their collaboration capabilities, and avoid a DIH divide due to lack of access to technologies, skills, networks, investment and infrastructures with special emphasis in underrepresented regions; so they can capitalize and leverage on the European DIHs Networks their resources and facilities for the benefit of their local SMEs.

This will be achieved thanks to the: DIH-World platform, that will provide a full coverage of the services needed by the DIHs and the SMEs willing to identify the right DIH for them, the DIH-Academy that will provide the tools to train DIHs and bring them to the next level, Open calls for experiments, that will provide sufficient technological support to SMEs and midcaps. As well as with a broad geographical coverage, with more than 26 countries to be covered in Europe including specific activities to involve regional and national actors in the DIH network

EDI work in this project:

EDI will be involved in raising awareness of DIH-World and the DIHs benefits towards industry as well as the importance for DIHs to be part of a network proactively through the dissemination and communication of the project. In addition, EDI will help and guide DIHs on the consolidation of their services for SMEs; promote the digitalization among SMEs and midcaps; boost the participation of SMEs/midcaps in I4MS and SAE calls for experiments; and reinforce the service offer to SMEs from DIHs by learning from other DIHs/SMEs success stories. Besides, EDI will support the creation of a trusted community of DIHs that collaborate in concrete projects and learn from each other by sharing knowledge and experiences. Last but not least, EDI will support both preparation as well as further growth of the business model at least fifty regional DIHs from varying maturity levels across Europe through intense and interactive training activities and to further strengthen the collaboration aspects among DIHs across Europe

Project web-page: https://dihworld.eu/

Participating scientists

    Dr. sc. ing. Kaspars Ozols

    Deputy director of development, Senior Researcher

    +371 67558161

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