Dr. sc. ing. Kaspars Ozols

Deputy director of development, Senior Researcher
+371 67558161

Dr. Kaspars Ozols is a deputy director of development, a Member of the scientific council as well as a senior researcher at the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI) where he leads teams of engineers and researchers. Dr. Ozols is also a member of the Scientific Council of the INSIDE Industry Association. Dr. Ozols also leads several committees within the EDI, including those focused on intellectual property valuation, auctions, ethics, and gender equality, among others. He holds a Ph.D. in Electronics from Riga Technical University. He has been involved in various international projects dedicated to pioneering innovative data acquisition, transmission, and signal processing methods and devices across a diverse spectrum of applications, encompassing fields such as transport, health, and manufacturing. Notably, he has actively contributed to over 15 European joint research projects (in Horizon Europe, Horizon 2020, KDT-JU, ECSEL-JU, ARTEMIS-JU, ERA-NET, EIT and COST programs). For over seven years, he has also served as an expert in evaluating project proposals and as a vice-chair overseeing the work of experts for the European Commission and scientific councils across different countries. Dr. Ozols possesses a wealth of expertise in ICT system simulation, modeling, design, development, implementation, testing, validation and commercialization. He is the author of 35+ peer-reviewed scientific articles. His research interests are extensive and encompass a broad array of cutting-edge topics, including Self-Driving/Autonomous cars, Cyber-Physical Systems, Signal Processing, Wireless Communications, Wireless Sensor Networks, the Internet of Things, Embedded and Low Power solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and the digitization of industries. Beyond his research endeavors, Dr. Ozols is actively involved in the preparation of international project proposals, where he skillfully fulfills roles as both a partner and coordinator. His impressive track record boasts the successful acquisition of funding for more than 25 diverse international projects, primarily from the aforementioned programs. Moreover, Dr. Ozols possesses extensive experience in direct contract research with industry, further solidifying his expertise and contributions to the field. He further demonstrates exceptional institutional management skills, showcasing expertise in various crucial areas, including strategic planning, financial and resource management, change management, risk management, legal and regulatory compliance, innovation and intellectual property management, legal affairs, stakeholder engagement, communication proficiency, and policy and regulation knowledge. Moreover, his significant contributions extend to the development of strategic and political documents, with a clear aim of advancing both EDI and the entire nation’s progress. He has also assumed the role of Chair for the Organizing Committee of the “International Workshop on Embedded Digital Intelligence” (IWoEDI), further underscoring his dedication to advancing research and collaboration. His passion for nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship is evident through his active mentorship and consultation of numerous start-ups, having mentored more than 10 of them. Dr. Ozols is also an expert in technology transfer and has strongly supported the commercialization of 5+ science-based technologies. His impact extends to the realm of education, where he has supervised more than 10 engineering, bachelor’s, and master’s theses, as well as 3 Ph.D. theses. Dr. Ozols has received 1st place in the ResearchSlam competition and also has received a Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS) award for one of the most significant achievements in Latvian science in 2018.

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