The project objective of this project is to develop an innovative platform for traffic data acquisition, distribution and management (Platform) which could serve as a basis for new products supporting greener and more efficient development and management of cities.
In accordance to OESD classification and Frascati R&D classification the Project is planned to be implemented under the section “Natural sciences” second level classification 1.2. “Computer and information sciences” and section “Engineering and technology” second level classification 2.2. “Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, Information engineering”. Project aim fully complies with Latvian Smart Specialization Strategy priority “Information and communications technology”, as well as the first and thesecond RIS3 national direction and ecomical growth priority.
The project is related with the economic activities and will be financed by the applicant’s private funds. The project eligible costs include salaries and renumeration of the research personnel related to the project, inventory and material costs, as well as travel costs to the scientific conferences.
In order to reach the planned objectives, there are certain activities be implemented:
Industrial research:
(1) Methods for more efficient and universal data aggregation from sensors;
(2) Machine learning for data analysis and decision making ;
(3) Methods for acquisition and analysis of bulk (video) data.
Experimental development:
(4) Development of platform prototype.