“ Remote sensing based system for forest risk factor monitoring (Forest Risk)”


Agreement with Central Financing and Contracting Agency (CFCA) Nr. 

Scientific manager:  Dr.sc.comp. Ints Mednieks 

Project objective: to develop software tools for assessment, monitoring and alerting of forest risk factors using satellite and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) based remote sensing.

Project will be performed in partnership of research organizations Institute of Electronics and

Computer Science (EDI) and Latvian State Forest Research Institute (LSFRI) “Silava” (Silava)

with SME SIA Baltic Satellite Service (BSS).

Main activities of the project include:


  1. Development of methods, algorithms and a prototype system for screening of forests from satellite (synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and multispectral (MS)) data for detection of areas suspected to be at the risk of disturbances.
  2. Performing field surveys and collection of very high resolution (VHR) data of forest areas under the risk of disturbances using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).
  3. Development of methods, algorithms and a prototype technology for detection of forest areas under  the risk of disturbances from VHR remote sensing data and for identifying and alerting on potential risk factors using auxiliary data.
  4. Project management and dissemination of results.

25.05.2022. Interviews with 10 Latvian organizations related to forest health were conducted to find out their opinion on the use of remote sensing for forest risk identification and analysis, as well as the possibility of using specialised software for this purpose.

30.06.2022. A progress report for the 1. phase (01.03.2022. – 31.05.2022) has been submitted

21.07.2022. Project “Remote Sensing-based Forest Risk Monitoring System (Forest Risk)”. Field data collection with UAV and the hyperspectral camera was performed in Valgundes parish together with colleagues from Latvian State Forest Research Institute “Silava” and SIA “Baltic Satellite Service”

Sample captured hyperspectral image

Participating scientists

    PhD Grigorijs Goldbergs


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    Mg. geogr. Gunta Grūbe

    Research assistant

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    Dr.sc.comp. Juris Siņica-Siņavskis


    +371 67558192
    Dr. sc. comp. Ints Mednieks

    Senior Researcher

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    Mg. math. Tamāra Laimiņa

    Research assistant

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