ERDF project “Multidimensional room and area scanning system (TADSS)”,

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About project

This project aims to gain new knowledge about mobile sensor data collection indoors and the data transmission in poor quality transmission network condition. The knowledge obtained from this research will be used to practically test the new generation of mobile sensors. This will be achieved by creating a prototype and then approbating its usability in real-life tasks.

By solving the existing problems and acquiring the knowledge, the results of this project, providing further commercialization to ensure sustainability, could provide several public and private sector companies with a new generation surveillance equipment (solutions). This equipment would improve the service quality and, by promptly responding to the detected changes from the scanning system, can prevent illegal operations or solve process optimization tasks. The commercial succession will be ensured by using the acquired knowledge to license the developed design as an add-on to similar systems. As well as after appropriate localization creating exportable versions or product support services, and by commercializing sensors equipped with robots in data collection applications.

The planned costs of the project have been set at EUR 876,428.71, of which EUR 597,563.98 or 68.18% of the whole costs of the project will be covered by ERAF. The project started in 2019. September 1st and is scheduled to be implemented within 24 months, by the end of August 2021.

Participating scientists

    B. S. Eduards Lobanovs

    Research assistant

    371 67558197
    Mg. sc. Comp. Gatis Gaigals


    +371 67558115