Towards an ecologically valid symbiosis of BCI and head-mounted VR displays: focus on collaborative post-stroke neurorehabilitation (ReHaB)

project No. CHIST-ERA-20-BCI-004

The goal of the prohect is to develop a user friendly low power smart brain-computer interface (BCI) which is equipped with vrtual reality (VR) interface, where both the patient and the doctor can collaborate through representations of virtual objects. This interface will be valuable in different treatment and rehabilitation scenarios, including post-stroke rehabilitation and cognitive behavioural therapy.

The task of EDI together with the project partners is to develop and validate VR and EEG signal based system prototype for rehabilitation.

Participating scientists Beāte Banga

    Research assistant

    +371 67558280
    Maksims Ivanovs
    Mg. sc. cogn. Maksims Ivanovs


    +371 67558230
    Mg. sc. comp Krišjānis Nesenbergs


    +371 67558268, Mob. +371 29512306
    Ph.D. Valters Āboliņš


    +371 67558-136

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