Technology for high-precision time-amplitude analysis of event flow (TIME AMP)
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The aim of the project is to develop a technology for time-amplitude analysis of event flows with high time measurement resolution, high nanosecond pulse amplitude measurement resolution and high measurement parameter stability, as well as to study the applications of this technology in satellite laser ranging and optical communication line testing and monitoring.

The project is implemented by the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science in cooperation with the Institute of Astronomy of the University of Latvia and AFFOC Solution Ltd.

The project envisages achieving a high resolution of the results of measuring the time characteristics of event flows, thanks to the simultaneous recording of the moment of the event and the amplitude of the event pulse. This allows the realization of precise time binding as a combination of leading edge discrimination and amplitude correction of results, which results in timing accuracy of approx. 5ps RMS. The solution is based on the extension of EDI event timing technology with nanosecond pulse amplitude measurement, correlation between constant threshold discriminator output signal delay and pulse amplitude determination, and accurate imitation of sensor signals using arbitrary signal generators. It is planned to develop methods for testing the resolution of picosecond time binding using general purpose hardware.



Work on the development of the nanosecond pulse amplitude measurement system has been started. Approaches to implementation of pulse amplitude measurement node have been determined.  Schematic of the high-speed pulse peak detector has been developed and validated in a simulation.

Development of event timer parameter stabilization methods has been started.  Schematic for improved stability current source has been developed and validated in a simulation. Integration of the developed current source into an event timer has been planned out.

Updating of the event timing node firmware has been started.

Development of the technical specification of the event timing and amplitude measurement systems in accordance with the partners needs has been started – working signal parameters and measurement process have been defined.